~Chef’s recommendations~  ~Main courses from the tandoor~  ~Seafood~  ~Chicken~  ~Lamb
Vegetables~  ~Rice~  ~Bread~  ~Accompaniments~


~First Course~

~ Mixed Kebab Karara
An assortment of lamb tikka, niligri chicken, seekh kebab & chicken tikka, all marinated & cooked in the tandoor

~ Chicken Rashmi Kebab
fillet of chicken rolled in oriental spices, coated with egg & baked in the tandoor

~ Chicken Tikka Nilgiri (Green Chicken)
chicken marinated in rum, spices, coriander & mint, then cooked in the tandoor

~ Chicken Chaat Chatpata
tender pieces of chicken sautéed in butter with spring onions, capsicum, tomatoes & sour spices for a tangy flavour

~ Samosas- meat or vegetable
deep fried pastry cases with minced meat or vegetables

~ Boti Kebab (Lamb Tikka)
tender pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt & medium spices, cooked in the tandoor & garnished with fresh coriandor

~ Keema Khumb
mushrooms stuffed with mince meat, coated with egg & flour then shallow fried

~ Duck Tikka
marinated in mixed spices, mustard and grilled in tandoor

~ Lamb chops
marinated in pickle and chilli and grilled in tandoor

~ Chicken Pakora
deep fried in bason and spice

~ Sheek Kebab
mince lamb with spice cooked in tandoor


~ Ajwani Salmon
marinated chunks of salmon chargrilled in clay oven

~ Tuna fish
marinated chunks of tuna chargrilled in clay oven

~ Titli King Prawn
butterfly king prawn rolled in spices, coated with egg & breadcrumbs & deep fried

~ King Prawn Puri or Prawn Puri
prawns sautéed with onions, capsicum, tomatoes & medium spices served on a flaky bread- with fresh coriander

~ Fish Pakora
fillet dipped in spicy gram flour batter then deep fried

~ Goan tandoori machli
small fish seasoned with traditional spices & cooked in the tandoor

~ Seafood chatpata
mixture of king prawn, scallops and fish with unusual blend of hot & sweet & sour flavour

~ Squid chat
cooked in sweet & sour sauce and masala

~ Seabass
fish in tumeric, mustard grilled in tandoor

~ Chicken puri
pieces of chicken sauted with onion, capsicum, tomato and medium spice, served on flat bread with fresh coriander


~ New Delhi chaat
hot potato salad over crispies and chutneys

~ Aloo channa & palak kebab
potatoes, chick peas & spinch balls, shallow fried, with salad

~ Onion pakora
slices of onion, battered and deep fried with salad

~ Masala dosa
fresh rice pancake made on griddle, rolled with cooked/sauted vegetables, served with coconut chutney

~ Mixed pakora
assortment of vegetable fritters coated with spicy gram flour and deep fried


~Chef’s recommendations~ top

~ Naga chicken/lamb
chicken cubes cooked in garlic, red chilli, special hot spices garnished with ginger
£10.50 / £10.95

~ Chicken Tikka Masala
pieces of chicken tikka, simmered in a masala sauce with a touch of cream

~ Malai handi chicken/lamb

~ Murgh makhani (Butter Chicken)
pieces of chicken tikka, finished in a butter sauce, with tomatoes, fenugreek & garnished with fresh coriander

~ Dhaba chicken/lamb
Cooked with garlic, onion, green chilies, hot & spicy
£11.25 / £11.50

~ Chicken manchoori
Pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a curry sauce with spring onions, tomatoes & chopped green chillies & garnished with ginger & fresh coriander- hot

~ Chicken jal frezi
highly spiced dish cooked with onions, green chillies, tomatoes & green peppers- fairly hot

~ Chicken Goa
a regional speciality- cooked in Goan spices with coconut cream

~ Karahi chicken
Moghul speciality from Agra- cooked in a skillet with medium spices, onions, capsicum & tomatoes

~ Chicken silchari
in a spicy sauce with egg, tomatoes & capsicum, served in a karahi

~ Chicken Malabar
pieces of chicken, cooked in gram masala, mustard seeds, curry leaves with onions finished with coconut milk

~ Tulsi raja jhinga
King prawns marinated in yoghurt & spices, cooked in the tandoor & finished in a curry sauce garnished with fresh coriander & spring onions

~ Achari chicken/lamb
cooked in a blend of Indian pickle spices

~ Naga King prawn
king prawns cooked in garlic, red chilli, special hot spices garnished with ginger

~ Chicken piri piri
half a chicken on the bone, marinated in spicy hot sauce

~ Duck Hyderabadi
roasted duck in green chilli, ginger and cumon seed

~ Goan King prawn
fresh king prawn cooked with freash coconut, crushed chillies and curry leaves - semi-dry

~ Gost Kali mirch
tender lamb marinated with youghurt and black peppers, spices and thick sauce

~ Patila murg
marinated chicken in a variety of spices and then steam cooked in an earthenware pot

~ Machli masala
marinated fish, cooked in turmeric & masala sauce

~ Goan fish curry
cooked in coconut milk, red chillies & garnished with fresh coriander

~ Lamb shank
marinated in rum, white wine, yoghurt, garlic, ginger, cumin & mustard seeds, garnished with onions, fresh coriander & roasted almonds - served in its own sauce

~ Balti chicken/lamb
chicken/lamb cooked slowly over a slow fire, with spring onions, tomatoes & spices blended with garlic, ginger, coriander & cumin seeds- medium hot
£10.95 /£11.25

~ Lamb pasanda
cooked in a specially prepared sauce with pistachio nuts- mild

~ Tandoori paneer shashlik
piece of cottage cheese, mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes & onions, cooked on a skewer in the tandoor & served on a sizzler with grilled onions

~ Kolkata thali- meat
a complete meal- comprising papod, a traditional platter of tandoori chicken, bhuna lamb, chicken muglai, mixed vegetable curry & yoghurt with pilau rice & nan bread- finishing with a gulab jamun dessert

~ Kolkata thali- vegetarian
a complete meal- comprising papad, a samosa, a traditional platter of three different vegetable curries, yoghut, pilau rice & nan bread- finishing with a gulab jamun dessert

~ Zafrani biryani- lamb or chicken
a rich preparation of rice with meat or chicken served with a mixed vegetable curry

~Main courses from the tandoor~ top

~ Tandoori Mila jula  (Mixed Grill)
chicken, lamb & nilgiri tikka, seekh kebab & tandoori king prawn, garnished with fresh coriander

~ Chicken tikka
succulent pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices & garlic

~Chicken shashlik
boneless pieces of mildly marinated chicken, with mushrooms, onions, capsicum & tomato, cooked on a skewer

~ Tandoori  chicken
on the bone marinated in yoghurt, tomatoes & medium species

~ Tandoori king prawns
marinated in yoghurt, spices & garlic

~ Fish tikka
delicious Indian Ocean fish chunks marinated & delicately spiced

~Seafood~ top

~ Calamari (squid fish)
cooked in ginger and garlic, fresh green chilli served with a special sauce

~ Sea bass
sea bass steam cooked served with a sauce

~ Garlic King prawn
cooked with garlic, chili, garam masala & spices

~ Jhinga shahi korma
curried prawns cooked with cream & dried fruits- very mild

~ Jhinga dal wala (Dhansak)
prawns cooked with lentils- hot, sweet & sour

~ Bhuna raja jhinga or bhuna jhinga
king prawns cooked on a fierce fire with spices in a thick curry source, garnished with tomatoes & fresh coriander

~ Jhinga patia
prawns cooked in a spicy sauce- sweet & sour

~ Raja jhinga malai
king prawns cooked in a mild curry sauce with coconut, almonds & pistachio nuts

~ Raja jhinga badami
king prawns marinated with almonds & cream, cooked in the tandoor and dressed with wine sauce

~ King scallop jalfrezi
Scottish scallops cooked with green chillies, tomatoes green peppers and fairly hot

~Chicken~ top

~ Garlic chicken
long breast of chicken cooked with garlic & garam masala

~ Chicken shahi korma
cooked with cream & dried fruits- very mild

~ Chicken sag wala
cooked in a curry sauce with spinach

~ Chicken Mirchi Wala (Chennai or Vindaloo)
strongly spiced & flavoured curry- hot or very hot by request

~ Chicken Bhopali
a speciality of Central India, with rings of capsicum, onion, tomato & fresh coriander

~Chicken dal wala (Dhansak)
with lentils- hot, sweet & sour

~ Chicken bhuna
cooked over a fierce fire with spices in a curry sauce & garnished with tomatoes & fresh coriander

~ Chicken xacuti
cubes of chicken cooked in coconut flavour & Goan species

~Lamb~ top

~ Lamb shahi korma
cooked with cream & dried fruits- very mild

~ Gosht mirchi wala (Chennai or Vindaloo)
strongly spiced  & flavoured curry- hot or very hot by request

~ Bhuna gosht
cooked over a fierce fire with spices in a thick curry sauce & garnished with tomatoes & fresh coriander

~ Kolharpuri gosht
tender pieces of lamb cooked in fairly hot spices from maharastra

~ Narial gosht
lamb roasted in coconut, coconut oil & ginger

~ Rogan gosht
with tomatoes & fried onion- spicy

~ Gosht Panjabi
tender pieces of lamb cooked in yoghurt kali mirch garam masala and fresh spice

~ Gosht Pudina
lamb cooked in green chilli, corriander, mint and fresh spice

~Vegetables~ top

Tar kari mili juli Mixed vegetable curry

Khumb bhaji mushrooms

Sag paneer spinach with cottage cheese

Sag cream spinach

Gobi aloo cauliflower & potatoes

Tohri subzi courgettes

Bombay aloo potatoes

Jeera aloo spicy potatoes with cumin seeds

Baingan masala aubergine

Banarsi kofta vegetable dumplings in sauce

Channa masala chick peas

Channa peshwari chick peas, paneer, with nuts & raisins

Bhindi subzi okra

Dal makhani lentils sautéed in butter

Dal sambar lentils with vegetables

Tarka dal lentils with garlic

Alag-alag assorted vegetable tray

Onion bhaji slices of onion battered and deep fried

Matar-mushroom garden fresh peas cooked in sauce with button mushrooms

Aloo matar potato with green peas and light spice

Sweet potato potato with spicy sauce

~Rice~ top

Sada chawal plain rice

Pulao rice aromatic

Nimbu pulao lemon rice with almonds & cumin

Kasmiri pulao rice sautéed with fruits & saffron

Makki khum pulao with mushrooms & corn

~Bread~ top

Mirchi paneer naan chillies & cottage cheese

Tandoori roti wheat flour bread baked in the tandoor

Hara paratha wheat flour bread stuffed with vegetables & fresh coriander

Sada nan unleavened bread baked in the tandoor & brushed with butter

Lahsun nan with garlic

Keema nan stuffed with minced meat

Peshwari nan slightly sweet & stuffed with nuts & raisins

Masala kulcha stuffed with vegetables

Paratha whole wheat flour layers of bread

Chips £3.50

~Accompaniments~ top

Papad plain or saucy

Raita yoghurt with onions, cucumber & tomatoes


Chutneys & pickles

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